Out front of The People's Yoga on NE Killingsworth

Where I teach a monthly donation-based class, open to everyone. All donations go directly to NAMI Multnomah (National Alliance on Mental Illness).
Every 3rd Saturday evening from 7-8:30pm

more info; http://www.thepeoplesyoga.org

read story here; http://blog.en.idealist.org/action-alert-how-one-woman-is-using-yoga-to-support-a-good-cause/


‘Seva Saturdays’ donation-based class at The People’s Yoga

One thought on “‘Seva Saturdays’ donation-based class at The People’s Yoga

  1. Ever since the story of my little seva/donation class hit on idealist.org, I have been blown away by the many inquiries I’m receiving. Emails from people asking how to do something like this in their communities, some inquiring about how to become a yoga teacher so they can be of service..and many others, who are just curious about yoga, and never tried it due to fears like having injuries, being ‘out of shape’, overweight, lack of income, joblessness, depressed, intimidated, nervous etc.
    These inquiries have come from people here in Portland, other states and even one from a woman in Peace Corps in South America who wants to organize a donation class to help all the homeless dogs living in the streets there.
    I am blown away and my heart overflows with encouragement for these people.
    Yoga being *accessible* to all is so very important. ♥

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