Energy Medicine and Yoga you say? What are these classes all about?

CIMG4239Since beginning the certification program in Eden Energy Medicine, so much has changed, unfolded, unraveled and released in my life. My life has changed so much for the better and continues to get better. This energy work is the most profoundly joyful and powerful stuff I have ever experienced. I began this training right around the same time I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition or inflammatory polyarthropathy. And I am so grateful to be gaining the tools necessary to help my energy and to help manage my symptoms. This past year has been a trip, and I am amazed at how things we never expect to happen, can happen.

Energy Medicine Yoga is for everyone. Any level, any body and any age. These classes are gentle, but can also be deep if you need to go deep. There is somewhat of a Yin element to the classes. Sometimes we stand a little more, other times we use the floor and focus more on relaxation. We use gentle yoga postures(asanas) in combination with Eden Energy Medicine exercises and techniques to help energy to move, because that is exactly what is wants to do. But, sometimes energy gets stuck, and when it’s stuck, we feel tightness, pain, aches and so on. So keeping our bodies energy systems moving and flowing freely, helps us in so many ways! Energy is EVERYTHING.

I am currently offering two Energy Medicine Yoga classes per week. Everyone is welcome!

Saturdays from 12 noon -1:15pm at Hawthorne Wellness Center in SE Portland.


Sundays from 10am – 11:15am at kentone Wellness Cooperative in North Portland.

All classes are $10 drop in or packages of 5 classes for $40 or 10 classes for $80




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