Energy Medicine for Cardinal Spring Fire!

Energy Medicine Tips for Spring!

Embodied Astrology

With Aries we begin again. The cycle continues. The snake’s tail is forgotten again, and it’s head moves forward. It’s eyes are wide open and ready. Aries is that forward moving energy, marching onward and upward. But in order to begin anew with strength, clarity and presence we need to start fresh.

Spring is a great time for flushing our meridians and ridding our body of any old energies that may be stagnant or blocked. It’s a time to create new habits, and energy loves new habits, because energy wants to move. Flushing liver meridian is a simple and powerful exercise the help move energy through, and strengthen Liver Meridian.

To flush a meridian, we first must trace it backwards one time, then we trace it forward three times. Tracing backward helps clear it, then tracing forward helps to flush and strengthen it. (tip: the only meridian we never flush or trace backward is…

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I got the Scholarship for my Certification with Eden Energy Medicine!!!!!!!

So excited to share that I was chosen as a recipient of the Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, EEM-CP Scholarship!!!

This means I will be able to go to Phoenix, AZ every few months over this next year to study with Donna Eden and all of her Advanced Practitioners! I am beyond excited and infinitely grateful.