Winter is Coming..


Winter is coming. For many, this may conjure up visions of the Free Folk and Jon Snow. We love Game of Thrones, don’t we? When I hear “winter is coming”,  I cannot help but think of how winter feels to bodies who are challenged by Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Fibromyalgia and other conditions that cause widespread chronic pain.

I’m still new to this cyclical feeling of crumbling and the humbling that comes along so undeniably with it. It’s a strange inner learning, that holds me in it’s process, no matter much I try to daydream my way out, or wander off or even look away. As the inhabitant of this body, I am always here within, looking out. Watching the changes, the seasons and taking notes. Winter brings a slowing down, a curling in and a long quivering exhale. It also brings a limp here and a wincing there, and a practice that is much, much closer to the earth.

Some days this body asks me to please stay down. Other days it begs and demands I need not move an inch. Sometimes I listen. But most days I lift it up from that place deep within. It can feel like a long hauling and a weighted dragging. To lift up and be inspired takes a certain ferocity. I often feel I am driven by a force of love and of stubbornness within that will not let me lay low too long. A spirit of spark, of fire and of wonder and a need for wandering, that is much greater than I understand. This energetic body demands a certain freedom that repeatedly overrides the pain of having a physical body. Sending gentle hugs to all wolves and warriors.

Winter is Coming.

Radiant Love & Immeasurable Darkness,