Time to Pause



Spending two days out at a cabin near Mt. Adams was a perfect way to pause and to reflect. No phone service, no internet no television. Lots of snow, trees and silence. I absolutely love how snow muffles sound as if it grabs it out of thin air with it’s cold clutches and turns it to ice.

Yesterday afternoon we went snowshoeing. Wandering through trees and shadows in awe of how snow looks like diamonds in the sunshine. Pointing at every shimmer, every icicle, every formation. I felt like a kid. It is in nature, I often forget that I am grown.

When I reflect upon the past year, it often feels like it blends into all the rest. My 29 degree Pisecean Sun makes timekeeping a strange and sometimes difficult task. Having been born right at that end place, just as the snake is about to take it’s tail and continue the cycle. Years and days are all part of the ocean of time and they get lost and blur together. All infinity. But, there were some challenges in 2015 that were markers of time that will hopefully continue help me to grow and to learn.

At this moment in time, I am not sure about much other than the beauty of nature, and how important it is we remember our connection to it.

My wish for this next next year is that we All do just that.

In Love With Nature,