Now Offering Yin Yoga Mentorship Program for Yoga Teachers

In response to many recent requests from other teachers, including newer yoga teachers, I am now scheduling appointments to meet with those who may be interested in learning more about teaching yoga in the Yin Yoga tradition. I am not offering this in a linear or overly structured style, but more in a casual way of meeting together, talking, reading texts and practicing together. This would also include attending classes and occasionally assisting and co-teaching with me until you feel comfortable teaching Yin Yoga on your own. Timeline of study and duration will vary.

Initial meeting is free and we can talk about your interests, create a plan, cost and schedule that works for you. I would like to make this affordable and accessible and willing to work with you to help you meet your goals as a teacher.

Examples of what is included in the Yin Yoga Mentorship Program:

One on one meetings and instruction

Reading List

Yin Classes

Yin vs. Yang

Energy Medicine techniques and exercises

Energetic Anatomy

Basic Meridian theory

Five Elements

Chakra Theory


Anatomy study related to Yin Yoga postures

Voice, Sound and Nuance in class

Permissive language and trauma sensitivity

How to hold space and create a safe container

The Power of Subtlety

How to keep your energies balanced and safe while teaching

And More…

This program is open to those who have completed a basic Yoga Teachers Training(YTT) or more. Please contact me directly for more information and to schedule a meeting. I am really excited to work with you and to explore the quiet power of Yin Yoga together!







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