The Quest

Today I am needing to remember why it is I do what I do, because the conditioning is becoming so different than my own quest, as I am sure this feels true for many others.
I do not wish to be *busy* with yoga.
I do not wish to become famous, well-known or sought-after.
I am tired.
The *yoga world* makes me feel very, very tired. I could not keep up if I wanted to.
But, my practice enlivens me. This practice that has become quiet, subtle and personal.
I guess I keep teaching because practice can help connect us back to the whole. I keep teaching because of an innate longing to bring people together in a way that helps us to remember we are worthy, and whole and beautiful.
My quest is simple: to love more, rest more, listen more than I talk, and to be as authentic with others as humanly possible.

2 thoughts on “The Quest

  1. Wonderful reflections, Melina! For a practice that can be so deep and spiritual, it gets frustrating for me too how external and in-you-face it becomes. Thanks for the gentle reminder that there is subtle, personal centre to return to whenever the yoga world becomes a bit overwhelming.

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