Special Seasonal Yin Yoga Class for Spring!!!


Hello Spring!!!
A Special Seasonal (((rhythmic))) Yin Yoga Practice with Melina Donalson

Yin Yoga draws upon the Five Elements and the principal of yin and yang used in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. These elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each element is associated with its own particular season, emotion, organ system and more.
Spring is the season of Wood and is the energy of rebirth – a surge of rising energy, like in the way the dandelion can burst through concrete if it must. It is the energy of growth, beginnings and an expression of life at its strongest.

This special seasonal class is offered as an initiation or opening to the season. Class will include Yin Yoga postures associated with meridians of Spring/Wood, easy energy medicine tips and exercises, as well as a special guest to take us on a rhythmic savasana to bring us out of winter’s slumber and to awaken to the rising energy of Spring!

Class cards & Memberships Accepted. $14 drop-in!

Sign up online to reserve your spot:



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