The Chronic

The thing about chronic illness is, it’s chronic. Meaning, it’s not going anywhere. Those of us who live and walk with chronic conditions, aren’t going to just snap out of it and suddenly be as we were before, or be *cured*. How lovely if that were true.
When this body of mine decided to go completely haywire a few years ago, I heard so many stories from people with chronic conditions about how lonely and isolating it can be, how many friends drop away after a while, and how misunderstood so many feel. I couldn’t really relate then, but I see it now. Why? Why do we connect more with the cured than the uncured?
People love a story of *healing*. People want other people to just get better. It’s healing they praise and not the daily enduring or the actual surviving. Harder to praise a daily dogged persistence.
People get tired of hearing or knowing about those who don’t get better. Why is that? And why do those who are suffering often feel ashamed to share for fear of judgement or being blamed for seeking sympathy or wanting attention? So much wrong with that.
Our environment is becoming more and toxic by the day. Autoimmune illnesses are epidemic because of this.
Let us hear each other, before we are all howling and nobody is listening.
I have shared this before, but my favorite saying these days is, “the objective of a howl is to be heard.”

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