I am an Intuitive Practitioner,  former Yin Teacher and Metalsmith living in Portland, Oregon.

I bring a lifetime of experiences, studies and interests to this work. Being born into a long family lineage of healing practitioners, priestesses, witches and medicine people, I naturally followed my innate sensitivity, curiosity and abilities into the world of healing and of mystery.  I am honored to walk this path and remain humble in knowing we all possess intuitive ability. We often remember this when we allow ourselves to be still and to listen and to connect to earth and source.

I’m a current student of the Blue Iris Mystery School and love combining this powerful work with my love of empowering others by helping them to trust the mystery and magic that is within and all around us.

Trainings and Certifications:

Blue Iris Mystery School –  Portland, Oregon 2018

Yin Teachers Immersion with Paul Grilley and Suzee Grilley – October 2016

Eden Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology Foundations Program – 2014-2016 Graduate and Scholarship Recipient http://innersource.net/em/

Living Light Advanced Teacher Training – 2015.  An advanced comprehensive program that integrates knowledge of the therapeutic applications of Yin yoga. Including Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology, Energy, Musculoskeletal Pathology, Modern Meridian theory, Connective Tissue/Fascial Anatomy and Yin yoga as taught by Paul Grilley.

Portland School of AstrologyAstro-Empowerment Graduate  Completed 2013/2014  http://portlandastrology.org/ Oregon Astrological Association (OAA) 2014 Scholarship Recipient for 1st Year Program.

Street Yoga Teacher Training – Portland, Oregon. Completed November 2011. http://streetyoga.org/

Deep Yoga Mastery Training and Deep Yoga Vedic Healing Training – Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts (DYSHA), San Diego, California 2007-2009. An advanced training with a focus on on vedic/yogic healing, with Deep Yoga founders, Bhava Ram and Laura Plumb. Training focused on the sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda, and how to serve others through vedic counseling and yoga as therapy for life. Also served as mentor to new and aspiring Yoga Teachers.


RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – Los Angeles, California 2003-2004A comprehensive and eclectic training led by Diana Beardsley, Director of  Teachers Training at Center for Yoga (now Yoga Works) in Los Angeles,  and Laura Bogner of Glendale Yoga. Completed and Yoga Alliance Certified.



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