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TEACHING YIN YOGA Immersion for Yoga Teacherstentatively scheduled for 2018/2019

  • More information and details coming soon

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“Thank you for such a rich and powerful class. RICH is the best word I can think of to describe the experience.” ~ H.B.

“No other teacher’s classes go as deep. Her classes are ‘juicy’ like a satisfying ripe berry.” C.P. 

“Melina, thank you for making yoga accessible and real for everyone.” M.R. 

“Thank You for speaking about how bodies are different and none of us need to look the same or do the same thing in a yoga pose. It is always such a helpful reminder and really appreciated because I rarely hear this in yoga classes.” ~ C.R.

“I really enjoy and appreciate your slower approach to Vinyasa. The way you guide us helps each movement to feel deliberate yet challenging.” ~ A.N.

“I really enjoy Melina’s narrative in class. She speaks of so much more than just the yoga poses. She takes you deeper into the meaning of it all, and of life itself. Just wonderful.”  ~ J.S. 

“Thank you for creating a safe container for me and for every other person in the room who struggles with their body and the idea of being perfect or fitting-in at a yoga class. It says a lot about this studio, that they have a teacher like you, teaching while experiencing pain and/or limitation in your body, just like the rest of us. It makes it easy to relate to you, and I felt very safe and ok with myself tonight. Sometimes yoga teachers seem so physically perfect, and all look and move a certain way, and it’s hard for many of us to relate. Thank you for relating to us.” ~ M.V.

“I keep coming back to Melina’s classes because they are the only classes I have found that actually help me to feel grounded and connected, and I really need that in my life.” K.C. 

“Melina’s yoga really does it for this veteran yogini.  She gives superb, yet unimposing guidance. Her language, tone of voice and alignment instruction come together like a harmonious orchestral arrangement. Her compassionate, beautiful spirit radiates a feeling of inclusiveness. A feeling of wholeness ensues after a class with this rare being.” M.B. 

“Melina has a natural gift for healing and such gentle compassion. No book, training or class can teach that.” A.P.


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