Intuitive Sessions



Sessions are unique to the individual and often include:

Intuitive counseling and support, listening, guided work, energy work, journeying, astrological remediation, animal guide and oracle card divination, sound, ritual, creating talismans, setting goals and more. We do this work together. Sensing, listening and feeling. I create and hold a safe and sacred space to welcome in the power of the invisible. Magic can be a mirror and mighty transformer. I am here to assist and support you in your experience.

I have completed comprehensive trainings in both trauma and ethics in the field of energy medicine. I bring over 15 years of teaching and energy work to my practice as well as the wisdom of my ancestors and lineage of Witches, Priestesses, Shadow Workers and Medicine People. As someone who is highly sensitive and empathic, I am honored to do this work of encouraging and empowering others to tune into their own sensing and knowing.

***Intuitive sessions are not a substitute for mental health counseling or therapy and are not designed as such. I encourage all clients as well as potential clients to seek all the help they might need when struggling with any mental or emotional issues. 

All sessions remain forever private and discreet.

Each session usually ranges from 60-90 minutes and is completely donation-based.

*Contact me directly for more information or scheduling a free consultation:



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